About Sony

History of SONY Company began in May 1946 when a talented entrepreneur and Akio Marita young engineer Masaru Ibuka opened a small shop of radio components in Tokyo. “Tokyo Research Laboratory”, as named their enterprise companions, the first time produced adaptations are rarely found a buyer. The first success of the company is the development and serial production of short-wave radios to the consoles.

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Akio Marita from the beginning tried to build the company’s development strategy for the production of the most modern, technologically advanced and popular products. Forces studio engineers conducted numerous studies and results and discoveries with the move to introduce into production. transistor, largely determined the further development of Japan’s electronics – As Japan’s first tape recorder, and in 1957 was established in 1951.
Akio Marita and Masaru Ibuka aware of the opportunity to enter the world market and is committed to this in every way. In taking steps to implement his dream companions attaches great importance to the company’s image. Obsolete corporate name was changed to a simple and memorable SONY (sonus – «sound», sonny – «son», sunny – «Solar”), new products began to give sonorous names.
A really good invention became established in 1957, Japan’s first transistor radio. Transistor radios largely exceeded lamp – they were compact and better catch signal. Mass production of new products had already begun under the brand SONY. Since that time the history of the company as a world-renowned manufacturer of a variety of audio devices.

SONY – one of the first Japanese corporations to make a breakthrough on the world market. Innovative projects conceived Akio Marita, often caused distrust even among the employees of the company, contrary to market research. But talented manager completely took over the work on the promotion of products, the creation of the world’s image of the company. Akio did not believe the negative results of the research, urged colleagues promising innovations. He considered that the proposal gives rise to demand, and SONY Corporation to become the creator of the most unique and unique offers.
Insisting on the implementation of the most recent ideas, Akio Marita eventually sought stunning results. Amazing stories appear first desktop calculator created by SONY in 1964, “Trinitron” color television system (1968), home video camera (1980). When creating the world famous Walkman music player in 1979, he is one in the whole company believed in the success of the project and demanded its implementation. As a result, it has been sold more than 100 million audio players. It was a stunning example of the promotion of new, unknown consumers of goods. History SONY – is the story of ingenious inventions, risky marketing solutions and great success.
Become the seventies the world’s largest company for the production of audio and video equipment, SONY was a huge staff. Managing an organization – not an easy task. To ensure productive work many thousands of employees, need a clear, organized management system that regulates the interaction between the different departments. Management companies have divided the entire structure into three groups – business team, design team and the base of scientific knowledge. By performing different functions, these groups support each other to achieve the desired result.

The present leaders of corporations largely continued course Akio Marita. Financing large-scale scientific research, SONY managers provide the foundation for the creation of more and more original products. The company encourages inventiveness of its engineers, pay attention not even on profitable projects. This approach allows us not only to use the experience, but for several years the company provides unique ideas, implementation of which is currently impossible.
Fierce competition in the market of home appliances and electronic entertainment systems justifies the SONY innovation strategy. The company always finds than the interest of buyers worldwide. At the end of the XX century the company presented on the market a number of innovations that have become a worldwide sensation – a digital camera in 1997, flat-screen TV in 1998. For decades SONY – the most famous Japanese corporation. And throughout this time, SONY is a world leader in the production of high-quality, affordable, reliable audio and video equipment. Like no other ( «like no other”) – the company motto, SONY, and more than once will be able to surprise customers.