About iphone

Silver apple with a slice missing and a small leaf on a dark background – so straightforward and concise is today one of the most recognizable logos. Consumers around the world are dreaming to get gadgets “tagged” apple, because they are synonymous with success, convenience and use of the latest technologies. The Apple logo proves that all genius is simple, but not everything was so simple and so brilliant in the beginning.

logo iphone

            So, in 1976, it was first coined by the company logo for Apple Computer & Co, which at that time was called so. Its designer made one of the founders – Ronald Wayne. But the moment the logo bears little resemblance to its modern version. Although an apple it is still present. It was depicted Sir Isaac Newton sitting under a tree, on which hangs yabloko.Po circuit has an inscription in verse by William Vordsvorsa «Newton … A Mind Forever Voyaging Through Strange Seas of Thought … Alone» – «Newton … The mind is always plowing uncharted seas of thought …alone”. Of course, this logo was too cumbersome and could not serve as a symbol of the company.

Therefore, Steve decided to turn to the professionals in the advertising agency Regis McKenna, namely designer Rob Janov. This man was the father of the world-famous bitten apple.

There are many versions of why the logo looks that way, and not otherwise. Bitten Apple with a party called a tribute to Alan Turing – founder of computer science, who died as a result of cyanide poisoning, which was a half-eaten apple. In addition, some draw a parallel with the apple knowledge that Adam was bitten in the Garden of Eden. One variation on this theme is the hypothesis that the bitten apple transmits a process that in our tradition is formulated as “gnaw granite of science” (eng. «Biting from the fruit of knowledge»). It is no coincidence, and also believe that in the English verb «to bite» – bite, and a computer term «byte» -byte, a unit of storage and processing of digital information are homophones, that is spelled differently but pronounced the same. But the developer himself Rob Janov explains everything much easier: he had a long and variously cut apples to choose the most advantageous angle, and finally realized that it was bitten apple in the picture will be different from other fruits or vegetables, such as cherries or tomatoes. Rob Janov presented a monochrome version of the logo, but Jobs demanded that add color to make it more vivid and memorable.

Thus was born the second version of the logo. For questions about the semantics of flowers on an apple designer himself says that did what came into his head, and he was not thinking about a prism or a rainbow. By the way, for his work Rob has not received a single dollar.

Next proizoshlov1998 transfiguration, when the logo became a monochrome (it was black). Then from 2000 to 2007, the company was represented by gray chrome logo.

But when in 2007 the company was preparing for the release of the first iPhone, Steve Jobs decided to change the name from Apple Computer to Apple’s, to emphasize that the development of computers is no longer a priority for the company. Since then, the logo has undergone minor changes and is now as follows.